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Tenth Avenue North – “Strong Enough To Save” Video Journal

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The Christmas Story (as told by kids)

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Christmas Prayer

Prayer Point from NECF Malaysia


As we approach the end of the year, churches nationwide have begun to prepare for their Christmas celebrations. Hallmark events for Christmas include carolling, special meetings, banquets and exchanging of gifts. Christmas is a very special season for Christians as they celebrate and share the love, joy and peace of the birth of Christ with family and friends. Spending extravagantly is not encouraged. Rather, giving to the less fortunate has greater blessings and meaning. Let us pray for all the preparations that are being made that they would turn out well. Let us pray for peace and love to continue to saturate and unite this nation. Let pray for the less fortunate that they will be remembered this Christmas season.

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Prayer Needs for North Korea


You’ve already heard the news and are probably asking yourself, “What can I do for the people locked inside North Korea?”

With the passing of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il, its inhabitants, family members around the world and neighboring countries are living in the fear of uncertainty. And because only God knows what will happen next, we can meet Him in prayer.

Please pray that:

The new leader, Kim Jong-Un, will have a heart of mercy and end the cycle of inhumane dictatorial rule.
Those in government who have been “secret Christians” will gain more power and influence.
Christians who have been imprisoned because of their faith will have opportunities to lead others in prayers. And while they pray the Holy Spirit will be revealed to those who don’t know Jesus.
There will be an increase in opportunities to share about Jesus without fear of retaliation.
The joy and hope of Jesus will be revealed to those who are sorrowful and feel uncertain of the future.
North Korean Christians will gain a new boldness and wisdom and will seize opportunities to tell others about the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth.
On Christmas day especially, the light of Christ will penetrate every home and heart in North Korea.
Refugees who have fled into China and become Christian will courageously return to North Korea and share the hope of Jesus to a hurting nation.
The horrendous situation with starvation will not escalate even further because of the government’s desire to demonstrate control.
The thousands of starving children who are homeless will find shelter, comfort and love in a home with a believer.

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Something that we can learn from the issue about the change of plan for ROC 2

Our Daily Journey

plan B

Dec 19 2011

Romans 1:8-17

As a fisherman on Lake Michigan (one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes), I’ve had to change my plans on many occasions. Stormy weather or high waves have forced me to resort to a Plan B: either canceling the trip or limiting my fishing to the safer waters of a harbor or smaller inland lake. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not ideal. In his letter to the Christians in Rome, Paul mentioned that he had planned many times to visit them (Romans 1:13). For many years, Plan A was to travel to Rome and remind the Christians who lived there of all that’s involved in the good news of Jesus. Again and again, however, other circumstances and ministry objectives prevented him from making the trip (15:22). So Paul eventually resorted to Plan B—he wrote a letter and shared what he initially wanted to present in person. That letter is what we know today as the New Testament book of Romans. When Paul finally sat down to write his letter, he may have been tempted to think he was settling for Plan B. He likely wasn’t aware that he was about to pen a letter that would change the world. One of the more fascinating subplots surrounding the book of Romans is that if Paul had gone with Plan A, we would not have one of the richest books in the New Testament. Sometimes our plans fall through and we have to go with a Plan B. And, yes, it can be inconvenient and frustrating at times. But try to keep in mind that God knows the bigger picture. Like Paul and the book of Romans, what may seem like Plan B to us has really been God’s Plan A.

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pray for my spiritual walk with God and may his teachings be my guide to walk better in life as a testimony to others around me and grow in strength and maturity as life will sometimes never be forgiving as God is to me..thank you:D


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Greetings to all Saints. I am the servant of Almighty’s God since 1993 through the Nibandhana Prayer Ministry,India. Since that time i should not get the site for church construction for more than 200 church members.This one is very sad to me.My only one son and daughter educational feature is tension to me.and my son get love marriage but it was failure through the police case and it was at family court now.He has a son named N.Sricharan. I have more tormented and intoxicated problems for family and for gospel work. Hence i request you all for prayer to me and to our family and church. Please give me your spiritual prayer for all my problems at ever time. Thanking you

Pastor N.Johnwilson

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